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We utilize "The Creative Curriculum for Infant/Toddlers" and the "Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework" as our blueprint for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. The curriculum promotes growth in the areas of social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Activities are planned around the children's interests and are planned for all learning areas in the classroom (e.g. art, blocks, housekeeping, music, literacy, woodworking, computers, and cooking).



Educational Program Plan

Children at the Morning Glory centers will follow a flexible daily schedule that meets the individual needs of the diverse population served by our program. The plan for development will allow for cultural, language, and developmental differences to be addressed. There will be sufficient opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities, which will allow your child's fine and gross motor skills to develop. The schedule will include opportunities for problem-solving experiences that help to formulate language development and sensory discrimination.


Children will have the opportunity to express their own ideas and feelings through creative experiences in all areas of the program. Activities are planned based on shared information from the family, staff observations, and identified needs and interests of the child.


Information gained, through observations by the staff and in communication with the families, facilitates a curriculum that allows for inclusion of a wide range of developmental abilities.


Areas and activities that children will have the opportunity to express their own ideas and feelings through creative experiences in the program include:

•  Music, art, and media

•  Imaginative Play (Dramatic Play)

•  Language learning experiences

•  Experiences that promote self-reliance

•  Health education practices

•  Child initiated and teacher initiated experiences

•  Exploration and discovery

•  Varied choices in materials and equipment

Ages 4 and up:

Chapel Street

New Haven, CT 06515

Ages 6 Months to 8 years:

Parmelee Avenue

New Haven, CT 06510

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